Add PM & Att Codes (Performance, Attendance & Termination Reasons)

The PM & Att Codes (Performance & Attendance) allows you to create a reasons library for employee Performance, Attendance and Terminations which you can then report on.

These codes can be applied via:


  • Approve Shifts - Decline Shifts (automatically applies on employee profile).
  • Work App - Declining a shift (automatically applies on employee profile).
  • Employee Profile - Add Attendance Note manually.


  • Employee Profile - Add Performance Note manually.


  • Employee Profile - Termination.

To create your PM & Attn codes:

1. In the quick menu, select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > PM & Att codes.

2. Click the Add New tab.

3. Select the Type of reason i.e. Attendance, Performance or Termination.

4. Add the reason/code in Enter Title e.g. Absent - Failed to Notify, Written Warning 1 etc.

5. Click + Add.

6. Repeat for each reason.

These reasons will now appear in the relevant places as an option when declining shifts / adding PM & Att notes / terminating employees.


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