You're able to produce a Incident Report.

Where incident notes and documents are captured:

Incident notes are created in Employee Records > Employee Records Tab and Incident button on the Employee Profile. 


Reports on incidents can be accessed via: 

1. Quick menu  Reports > Workforce Report Centre.

2. Select Employee Incident Reports

3. Use the filters to view specific:

  • Operation/client
  • Employee/s
  • Follow up from/to dates
  • Incident from/to dates
  • Assigned by/to
  • Incident Type
  • Incident Injury

Or leave any sections blank to view all. 

4. Click Submit.

5. You can also Export PDF, CSV or Print as required.

In the Incident report you can also view:

  • The employee involves, incident documents, any follow up dates, notes, incident detail and assigners.
  • Click on the Headers to sort by incident name or employee etc.




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