Payroll Activity by Purchase Order (PO) Report

After processing pays, a payroll activity report by purchase order can be accessed which includes a breakdown of the following:

  • po / roster name
  • total hours
  • total hours standard
  • overtime hours
  • total pay
  • total pay standard
  • total pay overtime
  • total allowance paid

To access the report:

1. Go to Reports, Financial Report Centre.

2. Select Payroll Activity by Purchase Order / Roster.

3. Select Duration - choose your date range.

4. Select your groupings (data to view).

  • Month
  • Purchase Order
  • Employee
  • Operation
  • Line Item
  • Payslip
  • Period Ending
  • Batch
  • Payroll tax state
  • State

To view totals breakdown via roster/ PO: Select Purchase Order.

5. Select any Filters. Leave blank to view all. 

7. Click Submit.

8. You can also export the report to .csv and .pdf.








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