Work Cover Report

The Work Cover report generates a report of:

  • Wic code
  • Workcover label (name)
  • Workcover Applicable Gross
  • Workcover Applicable Super
  • Workcover Amount

To generate the report: 

1.In the quick menu navigate to Reports >Financial> Financial Report Centre.

2. Select Work Cover Report

3. Select to the date duration.

4. Apply any filters for office codes, payroll tax states and operation - leave blank to view all.

  • Office Code
  • Payroll Tax State
  • Operation (Client or Venue)

There are also optional items include:

  • Cash Basis
  • Hide Total Column in Export
  • Show Breakdown of Items
  • Show Workcover Audit
  • Hide Total Column in Export

4. Click Submit. You're also able to Export as CSV or PDF or print as required.














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