Termination Report

You can access a Terminations Report, for terminated employees with a breakdown of:

  • employee ID
  • employee
  • operation ID
  • operation
  • termination date
  • comment
  • visa class
  • visa subclass

This data comes from the employee profile and data entered when 'Termination PAYG' is selected from the employee profile page.

To generate the report: 

1. Navigate to Reports in the quick menu and select Workforce, this opens up the Workforce Report Centre.

2. In the People Menu section, select Terminations.

3. In the Duration, select your desired date range.

4. You're able to further filter data by Visa Subclass (if used) filters or Operation, or you can leave blank for all.

5. Click Submit.


Note: You can also access financial details from a termination within your Payroll Activity Report (Financial Report Centre > Payroll Activity Report).

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