Expiring Documents and Qualifications Report

The Expiring Documents and Qualifications Report:

  • Provides a report based on expiry status for employee documents and qualifications.
  • This includes reporting on:
    • Visas
    • Drivers Licenses and expiry dates
    • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA's) and expiry dates.
    • Inductions
    • Other licenses

To produce a report based on expiry status for employee documents and qualifications (e.g. visas, drivers licences, RSAs etc):

1. In the quick menu navigate to Reports> Workforce Reports> This will open the Workforce Reports Centre.

2. Select Expiring Documents


3.  Leave filters empty to view all, or select specific filters:

- Employees: Select specific employees or leave blank to view all.

- Employee status: Approved, Unverified, Declined, Archived. 

- Expiring status: All, Expired, Not Expired.

- Qualification type: e.g. visa, driver's licence, license, Australian Resident/Working Visa, RSA or qualification.

- Hide columns: Select any data you do not wish to display or leave blank to show all.

4. Click Submit.


5. The report can be exported to a .csv, or .pdf file.





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