Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) needs to be turned on per employee.

Time Off in Lieu may also be called:

  • Day in Lieu (DIL)
  • Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)

Employees will accrue TOIL for anything over 38 hrs week / outside Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE).

An example of toil accruing may be if an employee works a 40 hour week, and their normal week is 38 hours, then they will accrue 2 hours toil. The toil balance of 2 will accrue when their pay is processed.

Hours will be automatically accrued and can be seen in the pay for the specific employee.

To turn TOIL on:

1. Navigate to People >Approved People in the quick menu and locate the employee and click on their name to go into their profile.

2. Turn on by changing the Enable TOIL toggle to green.


To check if an employee has accrued TOIL:

  1. Navigate to the employees profile via People > Approved people or using the search bar and selecting the desired person.
  2. Select the Financial icon and YTD Tab
  3. In the TOIL Ledger the accrued TOIL balance will display


To redeem TOIL:

  • A Redeem + TOIL button will display in the Entitlement Accruals and Adjustments section in Edit Payslips
Note: If you're not able to see this button refer to the above sections about enabling toil/ checking if an employee has accrued toil in a processed pay).

1. In the quick menu navigate to Payroll > Pay.

2. Find the employee and click Edit to go into their pay breakdown.

3. Under TOIL Accruals you can view the hours accrued. 

4. Click Redeem TOIL. You can input the hours to redeem and click close.

Note: The redeemed TOIL will only display when you preview the payslip (i.e. it won't display under pay items).

Typically when TOIL hours are redeemed they come from the Ordinary (Normal) i.e. TOIL Balance


When TOIL is redeemed, it is redeemed from TOIL- Ordinary (Normal) hours balance (as per Fair Work).

5. Then click Calculate Totals, Preview PDF (to check).


6. Click Update Pay when happy.

7. When payslips are generated, the TOIL will be processed.

TOIL can also be cashed out in the paycycle during termination - hours will be cashed out at actual hours work i.e. overtime, double time etc.

Client Invoicing: Clients will be invoiced for the performed hours of the employee.

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