Termination reasons

You're able to set up your platform to collect reasons for employee terminations which you are then able to report on using the employee performance report.

To set up employee termination reasons:

1.  In the full menu, select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform SettingsPM & Att Codes (Performance and Attendance Codes).

2. Select the Add New tab.

3. In the Type section select Termination and enter in the termination reasons.

Note: You'll need to add in each reason individually & select + Add.

4. To Edit or Delete a termination reason

  • Once a reason has been added, you can edit an existing reason by clicking on the pencil icon or deleting by selecting the bin icon.


Some termination reasons may be:

  • Terminated
  • Resignation
  • Contract ended
  • Redundancy
  • Breach of contract
  • Moving On
  • Failure to comply with a company policy
  • Failed alcohol/ drug test

When you apply a Termination to an Employee, in the reasons section you'll now see the reasons which can now be chosen and applied.


You're also able to produce a Terminations report which produce of the employee termination reasons select from the employee profile page> scroll to the bottom and Termination PAYG section. 


If an employee was on a roster and they had terminated their employment:

If you'd like to capture termination as a reason for Declining a Shift.

You may like to record that the employee has not shown up for example due to 'Termination' as a reason, once set up as a reason for Declining a shift you are able to choose Termination as a reason as per below.


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