Add decline shift reasons

When declining shifts via Approve Shifts, there is an option to collect reasons when declining a shift. To set this up you'll need to:

  1. Turn on the decline reasons setting
  2. Create PM & Attn Codes (Reasons Library)
  3. Add reason when declining shift
  4. Track attendance history on employee profile

 1. Turn on the decline reasons setting:

1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > System Settings.

2. Search for 'Provide leave reason when decline shifts' and change to On.

(Use Control F to search)

3. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page (note you may need to scroll right to the bottom of the page).


2. Create reasons library:

1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings> PM & Att Codes (Performance and Attendance Codes).

2. Click Add New. 

3. Choose Type = Attendance, Performance Management or Termination.

4. Enter a Title i.e. reason e.g. Absent - Failed to Notify

5. Click + Add and repeat for each reason.


3. Add reason when declining shift:

Now when declining shifts in Approve Shifts an option to apply a reason will appear.

1. In the quick menu navigate to Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts.

2. Select the relevant week and day using the filter or dial options.

3. Click the red X (Decline) button next to the relevant shift.

4. Select the Leave Type if relevant e.g. Leave Without Pay, or leave empty.

Note: Leave Types need to be set up within Payroll Settings > Leave Rules & and the relevant leave type entitlements applied to the employee.

Please note:

5. Select the Reason type.

6. Add any Comments if relevant (this will appear on the work history).

7. Click Decline Shift.


4. Track attendance history on employee profile:

Once reasons are submitted, they will automatically be applied on the employee's profile. This is only seen by admin users - employees will not see this information.

1. In the quick menu select People > Approved People.

2. Find the employee and click their name to visit their profile.

3. Click Work History.

4. Open the Attendance section.

5. Here you will see all decline shift reasons stored.

You can also report on this via Reports > Workforce Management Reports > People Management section> Attendance & Performance.


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