Employee attendance can be entered, tracked and viewed at any time on the employee profile and reported on. e.g. Producing reports on an employee's attendance patterns.

A) Set up:

1. Go to Platform Settings, PM & Attn Codes.

2. Click Add New.


3. Choose Type = Attendance.

4. Enter in a Title for your performance item category e.g. Absent - Failed to Notify.

If you use specific codes for reporting purposes, these can be entered here.

5. Click + Add.

6. Repeat for all attendance items.


B) Add Attendance Notes against Employee:

1. Go to People, Approved People.

2. Find the employee and click their name to go to their profile.

3. Go to Work History.

4. Open Attendance Management.

5. Here you can add attendance notes and categorise them for reporting based on what you set up in the PM & Attn codes library. Enter details and click Create.

Employees cannot see these items.

You can report on this via Reports, Workforce Report Centre, Attendance and Performance






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