Work Cover Process & Report


To be able to provide Work Cover / Workers Compensation to employees. The following steps needs to take place:

  1. Work Cover is set up as a Pay Item.
  2. Apply Work Cover to relevant employees.
  3. Edit the employee pay to apply the Work Cover pay item.
Add Workcover as a Pay Item
  1. In the quick menu, select the hamburger icon to view the full menu and select Awards & Agreements, and then click Pay Items/Allowances. 

  2.  Go to Pay Items and check if Work Cover is already in the list, or click Add New to create it as a new Pay Item and complete the details:

    • Select type = Work Cover
    • Title = what will display on the platform (i.e. not in payslips)
    • Valid in = select relevant state/s
    • Interval =
      • hour
      • day
      • week
    • Accrual Allowance = no
    • Are you required to withhold tax?
    • Is the allowance included on PAYG summary?
    • Does super guarantee apply?
    • Variables applied = select all that apply
    • Specific clients = leave blank for all
    • Apply to positions = select all that apply
    • Is the allowance reported through STP? If so, how should it be submitted?
      • This option is really important for End of Financial Year reporting purposes and does impact how the items are reported via Single Touch Payroll to the Australian Tax Office.
      • If for example you have an allowance that is being included in the gross when it should be listed as a separate item (or vice-versa) this is where you can make the relevant adjustment.
        • The options which are available for selection are:
          • No- this will not be report through through Single Touch Payroll (STP).
          • Yes (include total allowance in Gross Payment).
          • Yes (show total allowance separately in an allowance box with explanation).
            • If you select this option you'll also be prompted for:
            • Select the Allowance type, where you can choose from a predefined listed of categories from the ATO:
              • Car 
              • Transport
              • Laundry
              • Meals
              • Travel
              • Other- which is for all other allowance that do not fit into the above categories.
    • Rate- leave blank you'll be able to enter in the Workcover amount when in payslips. 
    • Label = (e.g. Work cover) and amount ($) - the rate will not be saved if you do not enter a Label. The label is what will appear when selecting pay items in the payslip.
    • Select by = leave blank to allow Work Cover to applied anywhere required
    • Apply to Award(s): select all Awards to apply to. (Mandatory)
    • For a more detailed guide on adding Pay items and allowances see: Adding and Adjusting Pay Items and Allowances
  3. Click Save.

Apply Workcover to an Employee
  1. In the quick menu select People > Approved People and search for the employee and click their name to go into their profile.
  2. Change the Work Cover toggle to blue. This will change the background to orange to flag they have work cover. This will also flag them in Pay to make it easy for payroll to find and adjust.

Apply Workcover in Paycycle
  1. In the quick menu navigate to Payroll > Pay.
  2. Select the relevant Period Ending. Use Additional Filters to search for employees on Work Cover. An icon will also show to display next to status to show they are on work cover.

  3. Click Action > Edit next to the employee.
  4. Add Work Cover under Pay Items and click Calculate Totals.
  5. Click Preview PDF to check Payslip.
  6. Click Update Paycycle.

  7. Pay can now be generated as per usual (Generate Payslips).
Workcover Report

You're able to run a report per Operation for all employees on Workcover (Workers Compensation).

This report is located in the quick menu Reports > Financial and scroll to the Accruals & Liabilities subsection.

To generate a report:

  1. Select the Workcover Report option
  2. Select your preferred Duration (date range)
  3. Optional filters include Office Code, Payroll Tax State, Operation
  4. Optional check boxes to show Cash Basis or Hide Total Column in Export.
  5. Click Submit or Export as CSV, PDF or Print.

You can also use the Advanced Payroll Activity report for more detailed reporting such as at a line item level. 

Here's an example where the data is grouped by Employee ID and Workcover Code.

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