Automatically and bulk apply leave entitlements to employees

When setting up leave rules, you have the ability to bulk apply the leave entitlement & settings (including default accrual) to all existing employees & automatically apply the entitlement ongoing to new employees. This means you do not need to apply the entitlements manually when onboarding new employees. The leave settings can still be edited individually per employee via their employee profile if needed.

To bulk apply any leave entitlement created to all new & existing permanent employees:

1. Go to Payroll Settings > Leave Rules.

2. Select the relevant leave rule and click the Edit icon, or click Add New to create a new leave type.


3. Update the following settings:

Apply to all new Full time or Part time employees = select on

You can also add leave entitlements to existing employees:

  • Add to existing PPT employees without entitlement = select on

4. Click Save.


Now all new and existing permanent employees will have this specific leave entitlement applied to their employment type, and the employee will see this leave type when applying for leave via their employee portal.

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