Setting up Leave Without Pay for Casual Employees (LWOP)

To allow casual employees to apply for leave without pay, you will first need to set up a new Leave Rule - LWOP and then bulk apply it to the employees.

1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Payroll Settings > Leave Rules.

2. Click Add New.

3. Complete the details and settings for the new leave rule:

  • Title = LWOP
  • Type = No Pay
  • Apply to all new Casual employees = yes (Everytime you set a new employee as Casual, this leave type will be automatically applied).
  • Add to current Casual employees without entitlement = tick box (This will apply the leave type to all existing casual employees that do not have the entitlement).
  • Select all other relevant settings as needed

4. Click Save.


The leave type will now automatically be applied to employees (or will be available to apply if not set to automatic in the Leave Rule settings). This can be seen on the employee's profile via Approved People or from searching for a specific employee, Employee Card> Employment Type tab settings:


Employees can Apply for Leave in their employee portal via Profile> Apply for Leave. The type of leave will now display 'LWOP'. The leave request will be sent to admin for approval as per normal. 



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