Invoice Contacts for Purchase Orders

You're able to specify a different contact for invoices to be sent to, per purchase order or per operation. 

To choose a new invoice contact for a purchase order:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Operations > Approved Operations > click on the desired Operation Name 

2. In the Operation profile select the Business icon and open the Invoice Contacts tab.

All your currently used Purchase Orders will present here.


3. Click the edit button next to the purchase order information to identify the email address or addresses that you would like the invoices to be automatically sent to. 

4. Click Save.


5. If you would like to add an new purchase order, you can do so by selecting PO Library and Adding a New PO into the Library, then you are able to Add a new PO contact.


Note: If a contact is not specified for a PO the invoice will be automatically sent to the general accounts contact in the operation. 


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