Apply a shift allowance to a roster

Shift allowances are set up in Awards and Agreements which will be available to view when creating shifts on the roster.

To apply an allowance to a shift on the roster:

1. In the quick menu select Work >Rosters.

2. Navigate to the relevant roster.

3. Either edit an existing shift on the roster, or add a new shift.

4. In the Shift details pop up, click on the Allowances button.


5. Select the relevant allowance from the drop down and click Add Allowance. Select Add another to add in multiple allowances were applicable. And Save.


Once saved if you hover over the shift you'll see a coloured $ icon, if you click on this, its a shortcut to the allowances.


  • Repeat for any other shift allowances that need to be applied.

These allowances will automatically filter through to Pay.

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