Import allowances for unprocessed paycycles


You have the ability to bulk import allowances to apply against employees before a paycyle is processed by exporting the current paycycle, adding in your allowances and re-importing to update the paycycle.

1. Go to Integrations > Paycycle Allowance Import.

2. Select the Week Ending for the paycycle.

3. Choose any specific Office Codes and Employees. Leave blank to export all.

4. Click Export Paycycles

5. This will export the file to a .csv file. Open the file, and make the relevant allowance changes and save the new file.



6. Click on Choose File under Import Paycycles.

7. Find the updated .csv and click Open.

8. Click Import Paycycles.


9. To check the applied changes, go to Payroll > Pay

10. Click Actions, Edit next to the specific paycycle. Here you can check the new allowance details applied.

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