Payroll Billing/ (Invoice Test) Billing Transaction Report

Payroll billing report

Before processing payslips, you can access the Payroll Billing report to see the full breakdowns of payments and details such as charge out rates.

  • Please note that you cannot use this report to view actuals for invoice data.

This report is useful if you would like to do a invoice test to preview the data that will appear on your pending invoice as well as for budgeting purposes.


To generate the Payroll Billing report:
  1. In the quick menu, navigate to Reports > Financial Reports and select the Payroll Billing (Invoice Test) report. 
  2. Filter as needed for example you can filter by client or by office code or by employee (this includes employees who have been Archived).  Choose 'not invoiced' to see all the items to check.
  3. You can even preview the payslip by clicking on the payslip id.
  4. Click Generate to preview the data. Or you can Generate and export to PDCSV.
  5. Once you've checked the data you can generate the pending invoice.




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