Add or update your SMS provider details

You have the ability to have SMS communications sent automatically from the platform to employees during the onboarding process, to notify them of jobs offers and assigned shifts, to let them know their payslips have been sent and much more.

Go to Communication > Communication Content to view all messages that can be turned on to send from your platform.

If you would like to send SMS from the platform you need to choose an SMS provider and apply your account details in the platform to activate it:

To activate your chosen SMS provider in the platform:

1. Select the hamburger icon and navigate to Platform Settings in the full menu and select SMS Settings.

2. Choose to turn on SMS.

3. Select your SMS Provider.

4. Add your account details.

5. Click Save Settings.

You will be able to track the number of SMS credits you have on your Dashboard.

Note: If you update your password with your SMS provider, don't forget to update it in the platform otherwise your messages will stop sending.


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