View roster costs and enter roster budget

You have the ability to enter roster budgets which will filter into your roster costs and analytics view.

To enter the budget:

1. In the quick menu at the top, navigate to Work and select Rosters from the drop down menu. 


2. To the right of the screen, select the Date for the roster week you wish to view.

3. On the overview page click View Roster.



4. Go to Tools, and select Enter Roster Budget.


5. You can enter in a Weekly or Daily roster budget. Budget by dollar value or hours options are also available.


To View Roster Costs

6. To view Roster Costs- at the bottom of the screen, open Costs by clicking on the grey ^ arrow  to view budget data in weekly costs.



7. You can also see the budget in analytics. By selecting Analytics and then click on the grey bar to expand.



You can also prevent the roster from being published if its over budget, for more information check out how this setting works by clicking here.


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