View roster analytics

To view analytics for your roster:

1. In the quick menu at the top navigate to Work, Rosters.


2. To the right of the screen, select the Date for the roster week you wish to view.

3. On the overview page click View Roster, or select an area Roster withing the roster by clicking ^ e.g. Bar roster in Caffeine Express Milton.


3. Use the Filter to select specific rosters to view if relevant.

4. Along the bottom of the roster will show roster Costs.

5. At the bottom of the screen Select the arrow and click Analytics.


6. This will show analytics for your roster based on costs, hours and numbers of staff. You can also change the roster you wish to view analytics for.

The toggles for Total Cost, Total Hours and Total Staff can be turned on or off depending on the desired information that you'd like to display.


If you have entered roster budgets - these will appear in the analytics.

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