Filter Available People for Jobs (Availability report)

You're able to filter the approved people who are available to work over specific dates which could be used for filling jobs.

To pull a 'report' of staff that are available to work within a specific date range:

1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Approved People.

2. Click Show Filter ^ this will open up the advanced filter options including the availability between dates filter.


3. Use Availability Between to select your date range.

4. Click Apply Filter.


5. This will display all employees available to work (that are not on a job or roster) for that date period.

6. You can export this report with any details you need e.g. position and mobile numbers. Click Bulk ActionsExport all Filtered.


7. Select all data fields required in the report by checking boxes individually or using the bulk select options.

Note: To bulk select options, click on the headings such as 'Basic Info' or 'Contact info'. This will select or deselect all the sub options, as a quick way to select multiple options.


8. Click Export All Filtered if you would like to export the full filtered list by availability.

Alternatively if you'd like only specific employees you can select them from the filtered list and select Export selected.

 9. This will download a .csv file.

10. If you'll regularly run this filtered report you may consider using the Additional Options link.

The Additional Options link will allow you to Save as a report with your referred report name and then load this saved search for future searches.




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