Manager Activity Report - Operation Notes

To track activity with your operations/clients, you can access a report on all notes against any or all clients.

The notes are submitted on the Operation Profile via the Comments or CRM > Add CRM notes as per below.


Please note: This report only contains notes for Approved Operations. It does not include prospects (saved in the CRM menu) or Pending Operations.

To access this:

1. Int the quick menu, navigate to Reports > Business and select Manager Activity.

2. In the filters choose Client/Employee = Clients

3. Select any other filters including specific manager, type of note (leave blank to see all), and date range. If you are searching on 1 specific day set the range to 1 day before and 1 day after. E.g. If searching 10th April only, set the range to 9th-11th April. 

4. Click Filter.

5. Your report will appear below.

6. The report can be exported to a .csvfile using the Export button.



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