The Clock App has a number of customisable settings which can be accessed via Platform Settings> Clock App.

These settings include:

  • Enabling the Clock.
  • Take photo Clock in/out preferences i.e. if you would like to have employees take photos for security purposes.
  • Collect breaks through app e.g. clock in and out for breaks.
  • Default to rostered breaks instead of clock recorded breaks in approve shifts
  • Require users to provide a reason for clocking in to un-rostered shift
  • Require users to select a roster when clocking into an un-rostered shift
  • Allow Clock apps to be logged out by clicking the logo
  • Employees to sign into the clock app with their access card
  • Clock app to automatically approve shifts that have been clocked in/out within a threshold
  • Automatically approve shifts within threshold of 5/10/15 minutes
  • System wide message of the day
  • Clock in/out rules such as:
    • How early an employee can clock in and have their start time adjusted to start time of shift
    • How late an employee can clock out and end time adjusted to end time of shift
    • How early an employee can clock out without needing to provide a reason
    • Set timesheet increment 5/10/15/ min
    • Snap forward rule, for example after 10 minutes snap forward to the next timesheet e.g. 4.15 pm on shift time.

To set the Clock so that a user has to select a roster when they clock into a un-rostered shift:

  • This setting can save you time when approving shifts as the data will already be entered.

To turn on this setting:

1. Go to Platform Settings, Clock App.

2. Change 'Users must select a roster when clocking into an un-rostered shift' to On.

3. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.




Unrostered_Shift1.png  Select_Roster1.png

To Approve shifts automatically based on rostered times instead of actual clock recorded break times.

You have the ability to turn on a setting to have the times in Approve Shifts automatically default to rostered break times instead of the Clock recorded break times. This will save you time approving shifts if you usually change the break times to the rostered break times. 

1. Navigate to Platform Settings > Clock App.

2. Change 'Default to rostered breaks instead of Clock recorded breaks in approve shifts' to On.

3. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.


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