To stay on top of latest features and improvements to the Clock App, you will need to keep the app update to date to bring it to the latest version.

To update your app:

1. On your iPad, open the Clock App (if not already open).

2. Double click the Home button on the iPad.

Note: That if this option does not come up, you'll need to enable a setting via your Platform settings > Clock App >Allow Clock apps to be logged out by clicking the logo> select On and scroll to the bottom of the settings to Save.

Typically this option is set to 'off' to stop employees from accidentally logging off the clock app after their individual shifts requiring Admin to set up the Clock app multiple times.

3. Swipe the Clock App off the screen. This will shut down the app.

4. The next time you open the Clock App it will be the latest version.

You can check the version number at the bottom of the screen.


If you are completely logged out, you may need to set up new access.

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