The foundU Clock App is designed to work online connected to your internet connection via WiFi to ensure that the data can be immediately synced into your platform.

If the app goes offline due to poor reception or your clocked in shifts arnt vissible it could be because the Clock App has gone into Offline mode

This means that Clock data can still be captured, and once the iPad is online again, the data will sync automatically. 

When the Clock App goes offline, you will see an offline icon at the top left of the screen.


  • When employees clock in and out, it won't be able to remember if they are due for a break or if they are clocking in late etc, it will just display them with all options as per below. 
  • Photos also cannot be collected whilst in offline mode. 


Please note: When approving shifts and timesheets based on data collected in offline mode, please double check times that may need editing in the case where an employee doesn't clock in the correct order or misses a step. 

You will be able to compare this easily against your rostered shift times.

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