Login to the Clock App or Set up Clock App

Once you've installed the foundU Clock App to your iPad, the next step is to create the login. 

This process can also be used if you are logged out of the clock app and have forgotten your login details.

In your Admin Portal:

1. Navigate to Operations > Approved Operations.

2. Find the operation you wish to activate clock for and click on the name to go to the operation profile.

3. Select the Jobs icon and select ^ to open the Clock Access section.

4. Click Setup New Clock App.


5. Enter a name, and click Save & Continue.


6. This will bring up 2 methods for logging in below.

Please note: This is a one-time access page. Once you shut down this page, you can no longer access this for security reasons. You will need to revoke access and set up a new one if you lose the details. 


Scan Access Code (scan a QR code if you have your iPad near your computer)

To Scan the Access code with your iPad:

1. Open the Clock App on your iPad and choose Scan Access Code.

2. Hold the iPad's camera lens to face the QR code on your computer screen. It will login immediately.



Basic Setup (useful if you don't have the device near your computer, or there is no camera access).

1. Use Basic Set Up to login in manually.

2. Enter the Subdomain (this will typically come up under the QR Code on the screen and Access Code which appears on the operation profile setup page.


7. Once logged in you will see the screen below which means it's ready for employees to start clocking in and out.


8. Back in the Admin portal, you will be able to track who has clock devices set up and the Status


9. You can also Revoke Access - which is useful if you need to set up a new login due to losing set up information.

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