Publish roster

One you build your roster, until you publish a roster, it is in draft mode (refer to shift status).

When you are ready to publish the roster, click Publish & notify. 

Publish & Notify: Roster is live in employee portal and the employee is sent an SMS or an Email (depending on which you have enabled through your Communication content settings) with their assigned upcoming shifts.

You can also click the down drop down arrow for more publishing options.


Resent notifications: You can re notify everyone on your roster of their shifts. 

Send Offer: Employee is sent an SMS asking if they'd like to accept the shift. The shift will appear in blue on the roster when offered, and turn green once filled/accepted.


Republish Roster (selecting publish & notify after a change)

Sometimes you may like to change the roster once its already been published.

For example you may:

  • Add a new Shift, copy existing shift to the Roster or drag an existing shift from one person to another. Or replace it back again.
  • Remove a Shift to the Roster

See our full Rosters Guide for how to complete these actions.

When you publish your roster, if you make changes to the roster, the shifts will turn white meaning the shifts need to be published. The Publish rosters button will also display the number of changes needing to be published. 

Click Publish & notify. This will update only those affected by the changes (in the example below that's the 1 change made)






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