Shift status on roster

Shifts on the rosters are colour-coded to help identify their status.

If you are unsure what error the colour is telling you,  hover over the shift and the status will pop up. For more detail on any warnings errors you can select the shift edit option


  • To address the issue, select the Edit icon.
  • In the edit screen at the top, the shift will indicate the status.
  • Select a + where applicable to see the shift conflicts (like in the example below).


Below is an example of a common shift status:


Not Published: Not Assigned, Offered or Filled (draft mode).



Warning: Can still be published e.g. not enough hours between shifts.



Error: Cannot be published e.g. Employee does not have matching position to work for this Operation.

If you get this error you will need to check that the person on your roster and the role that you've added on that shift is the right role.

If it is the right role e.g. this person works 2 different roles but only one is listed, either you (depending on your permissions or your relevant HR/ foundU admin who sets up your employees with their positions, pay rates etc) will need to check that the person you're trying to add to your roster has the correct employee set up in Approved people> Employee Card> Employee type.



On Leave: The employee has a leave application approved during that time. Can still publish.



Published: Assigned to staff. The roster is live in their employee portal.



Shift Changed: Shift was reassigned to another employee. All employees affected by the change will be notified when the changes are published.



Shift Cancelled: If you cancel a shift that has been published, it will change to Shift Cancelled. You will still need to publish the change to notify the employee their shift has been cancelled.



Shift Offered: The shift has been offered to the employee. They have not yet accepted or declined.



Decline Shift (from offer sent): If you Publish > Send Offer, and the employee declines the shift it will turn the shift grey on the roster.



Roster Shift Status Updates from Approve Shifts

When shifts are updated in Approve Shifts, the status reflects on the roster:

You can edit the shift to view details of the status and who authorised it.



Approved Shift



Declined Shift 

If you have the Submit Shifts setting on (where employees submit their daily shifts).

You'll also see:

Approved or Unapproved Shift submitted by Employee 


Declined Shift that was originally submitted by an employee




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