Message Communication and Notification templates

You have the ability to customise the settings for email and SMS notifications sent to employees, operations and users of the platform. Settings you can adjust include: 

  • Turn notifications on/off
  • Select if the notification is sent via email or SMS, or both
  • Whether to use the default message or customise with your content

To manage communication settings:

1. Go to Communication > Communication Content. This is where the System message template settings are located.

2. Click on the blue column headings to sort messages via Name, Recipient, and sent SMS or Email. 

3. Use the Search bar to search for a specific message template. You can also refer to the Description to see the intended use of each message.


4. Click on the message type title to customise. There are a few ways in which you can customise your message, check out the options below:

  • Tokens
    • Tokens are placeholders for example #name, will use the name of the person you are sending the message to.
  • Recipient
    • Admin- choose comms to go to a particular Admin
    • Employee- send the Employee a reminder by SMS or Email
    • Dynamic- allows you to choose multiple communication destinations and customise the content that each recipient receives. 
  • Adjust the type of communication received:
    • Send Email: Yes or No
    • Email Content: Type your own email message or leave blank to use the default message shown below
    • Send SMS: Yes or No
    • SMS Content: Type your own SMS message or leave blank to use the default message shown below.
  • Trigger Point- Some message templates will allow you to choose a trigger point which activates the communication to send
  • Countdown- Choose a countdown day and time where applicable (ie. Employee will be reminded of expiring visa 2 weeks before expiry take place).


6. Click Save.

Messages sent will be recorded in Communication > Communication Log.


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