Setting up documents for employees to sign

You can set up personalised documents for employees to sign using the document library such as:

  • Employment agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • Performance management documents e.g. reviews

To set this up a new document template and create a Document Template for Employees to sign:

1. Select the hamburger icon to open the quick menu and navigate to Platform Settings > Document Library.

2. Click Add Template to create a template to upload a document. Or you can View a existing document by clicking on the document name. To Edit or Delete existing document's in the document library, select the pencil (Edit button) or bin (Delete button).


Adding a new document Template

1. Give the template a name e.g. Employment Agreement in Title.

2. in the Editor, you can copy and paste in your contract/agreement content.

3. To personalise the template, use the Data Placeholders to insert data such as Company, Date, Employee Name etc. This works like a mail merge and will automatically input the correct data. You can also insert  Employee Authorized Signature to collect a digital signature from the employee.

4. Use the top toolbar to format the text to suit.

5. Preview the document.

6. Click Save once completed.


An example of a compiled document:


If you would like to go back to the document library to create another document template, select Back to the Document Library button.

To add the document to an employee and email it to them to sign:

1. In the quick menu navigate to People, Approved People and locate employee and click on their name to go into their profile. Or search for the desired employee in the search bar.


2. In the employees profile, select the Documents icon and select the Documents tab.

3. Select Add Document to add a Document (from your Document Library created above).

4. Click Search Existing Templates to find your document and click Use Template.

5. Edit the document if needed, and click Save.

6. Click Back to Candidate Profile.


 This document will now appear in uploads with the option to email it to the employee using the send icon, or edit or delete the document as required.

Note that if you selected a placeholder for an authorised signature that a sign box will appear for you to sign which then appears on the document.


Employee Portal View (once the document is sent to the employee):

  1. The employee will receive an email asking them to login to review and sign the document. And also they will see in their employee profile that a pending document is outstanding.
  2. The document will remain red as pending until signed.
  3. Employees can review and sign the document online.


Once Employee has signed: Admin view document in the Employees profile:

Once submitted, it is stored as an Upload on the employee's profile and available for the employee to view in their own portal. 


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