Using People and Operations filters and Exports

Show filter and bulk export

You can use the show filter option for advanced filtering.

This option is located in the People and Operation's menus and allows you to view your list of employees or Operations and further filter by a specific characteristic e.g. employment type, or tag. 

You can use filter with  Bulk Actions > Export options, giving you more reporting options by allowing your to choose the data columns.

Using show filter in People

In the example below we'll use show filter to filter for employees for whom we are Awaiting Tax File number:

  1. In the quick menu, navigate to People > Approved People.
  2. Select Show Filter and select criteria to filter by if you are exporting specific groups of employees. For example 'Awaiting Tax File number'
  3. Other filters also available are:
    1. Employment type, so that you can filter by full time, part time or casual employees
  4.   Click Filter at the bottom to view the filtered list.

The filter fields available are:

  • Page Size, adjusts how many people you see on your screen e.g. 20- 1000
  • Employment Type
    • Full time
    • Part time
    • Casual
    • Salaried e.g. this utilise the automation option for your salaried staff bypass approve shifts.
    • No position
    • Paid monthly
    • Non monthly perms
  • Position Group
  • Positions
  • TFN Status
    • Awaiting TFN
    • Exempt TFN from TFN
    • Has TFN
  • Work Status
    • Available
    • Accepted
    • Working
    • On Leave
    • Not available
  • Clock App
  • has set clock passcode or has not set clock passcode
  • Jobhub (if you're using this integration)
    • Imported from jobhub
    • Profile key word search
    • Skills 
    • Jobs
  • Address & configuration
    • Registered from
    • Commencement date
    • Manager
    • Office code
    • Position locations
    • Work State
    • Home State
    • Home Suburb
    • Gender
    • Additional filters
  • Skills & Availability
    • Unemployed people
    • has job active provider
    • Availability between
    • Post code between
    • Languages
    • Age
    • Qualification/license/inductions
    • With tags
    • Without tags


Using show filter in Operations

In the example below we'll use show filter to filter for the Operation manager

  1. In the quick menu, navigate to Operations> Approved Operation.
  2. Select Show Filter and select criteria to filter by manager.
  3. Other filters also available are:
    • Page Size
    • Suburb
    • State
    • Manager
    • Office Code
    • Pay period
    • Tags
  4.   Click Filter at the bottom to view the filtered list.

  5. Similarly to show filter in Approved people, you can also use the save option once filtered to save any frequently run filters which can then be viewed via the load saved search button.
Save and load saved filter searches

When you choose a filter this will show highlighted on the screen and you can save a search that you may run frequently.

Saving your frequently used filters

  1. Select the star save option once your data has been filtered and name your search
  2. Now you can choose load saved search and choose from your list of saved searches.

To export a filtered list
  1. Once you have filtered your desired list or select from your filtered list (if you're only wanting certain employees to export).
  2. Click Bulk Actions > Export All Filtered.
  3. Select all data fields you wish to export, and click Export.
  4. This will export the data to a .csv file.

Exporting a large data list

If you're exporting more than 100 employee's details, you'll also see a progress screen when exporting.

Once completed, you can either click on the green tab to download or via the Notification icon in the top right of the screen.

Please note: that this will only be a one time download.

If you run this bulk export often, you can also use the Additional options to save the export options as a template and in the future select load saved search when running the export.


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