Applying salary sacrifice to an employee

Salary sacrifice

Employees can set up salary sacrifice within their employee portal, or Admin users can set it up on their behalf in the Admin portal. 

Setting up Salary Sacrifice on behalf of an Employee

To set up Salary Sacrifice (before tax super contributions) in the Admin portal:

  1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Approved People and locate the employee and click on their name to go into their profile. Or use the search bar to locate the employee.
  2. In the employee's profile, navigate to the Financial icon > Financial tab & Edit.

  3. Locate  Salary Sacrifice, and enter as a % or $ amount. This will be the Salary Sacrificed amount per payslip (frequency). For example if you entered $500 and the paycycle was fortnightly, then $500 would be salary sacrificed each fortnight.
  4. Scroll to the Top and click Save at the top right of the section when completed.

  5. Salary Sacrifice will then appear on the employees payslips when pay is processed.
  6. Salary Sacrifice on employees individual payslip:

How Employees can set up their own Salary Sacrifice in the Employee App

Click here to check out our Employee guide for how an employee can set up their own Salary Sacrifice preferences in the foundU Employee App.

Salary Sacrifice amounts in Reports

Salary sacrifice on Super Stream Report:

You can also see all the Super Guarantee and Reporting Employer Super Contributions (RESC) as well as before tax Salary Sacrifice contributions made by the employee using the Super Stream Report.


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