Build or create a roster and Publish & Notify

Building your roster

In foundU rosters are created from operations. Each operation can have many sub rosters which is useful for separating departments or teams. You can also print rosters as needed.

In this article we'll walk you through the basics on how to create and build your roster from scratch.

Add or locate your operation roster

Once you have onboarded your employees, you're ready to build your roster.

Locate your rosters by navigating to Work > Rosters. Here you will see an overview of all your Operation rosters.  Please note if you access your Rosters through the Operations portal please see the operations section below. 

Through the implementation and set up process you will have your operation rosters built, however you can add a new Operation roster by selecting + Create New Roster if needed. Please note if this is a new operation this will need to be set up first. When you use this button to add a new roster, it will pre-populate the operation for you.

You are able to use Select Operation or if you have a lot of rosters you can filter to see your preferred operation.

Select the week commencing you wish to create from the calendar. The roster overview will default to the current week. 

Select view all to see all sub rosters under your operation or use the down icon to select a specific sub roster.

Accessing rosters through the Operations portal

Once you have created a roster, you can start adding employees and shifts.

Click on the roster name in Dashboard View in your Operation profile, or go to Work > Rosters to access your rosters.

Please note if you don't use the Operations portal (mainly used by clients) you will see all your Operations (depending on your permissions)- see the add or locate your operation roster section above.

Add employees

There are multiple ways to add employees and shifts to your roster:

  • Add employees.
  • Add shifts.
  • Add positions (see Sort your roster and adjust your roster view below).
  • Copy & paste shifts .
  • Add bulk shifts.

The order in which you do these will depend on your business.

To add an employee:

  1. Click in the box under name, you can search for a specific person by name or you can select multiple people at once from the list.
  2. You can also search by all employees who have a specific position assigned to them. Employees will show by who is available, additional sort by Name, Hours worked or Age are also available.You also have additional sorting options for full details on sorting by availability, hours worked and age click here.
  3. Select your employee/s and click Add.

Add shifts

You can add shifts either individually, or in bulk.

To add a single shift: 

  1. Click the + sign next to the employee on the day you wish to add a shift. 
  2. Enter the start and end time of shift (don't add dot points or colons see times shortcuts below). Enter break length in minutes if applicable.
  3. Some helpful time input short cuts:
    • 4p = 4:00 pm
    • 730 = 7:30 am (no colons or full stops required)
    • 7.5 = 7.30 am (decimal points)
    • 1630 = 4.30 pm (24hr time)
  4. The 'Roster' section will automatically be filled. If this needs to be changed, click the drop-down box and select an alternate option.
  5. Select the employee- employees will show by who is available, additional sort by Name, Hours worked or Age are also available.
  6. Select the  position required and click Create. 

Note: You can free type the start and end times of shift in 24 hour time and they will default to am or pm. 

The created shift will appear as below:

Until required toggle: 

You can also add in a shift with no end time by selecting the toggle on for until required. Best practice is to add in an approximate end time.

Note: When using the until required, the system will automatically assume a shift of 4 hours (this cant be changed) this will appear in approve shifts as 9am- 1pm, but on the roster it will simply say 9a+

As this can be confusing, you can enter in an approximate end time as well as selecting the until required toggle. (The employee will only see until required on their side).

The admin would see this on the roster:


The employee would see 'until required' end time on the roster:

When adding a shift you can also add in optional shift comments, allowances, tags & qualifications.

When you're in the roster, you're also able to add bulk shifts (add multiple shifts at the same time).

To add bulk shifts:

  1. In the quick menu select Work > Rosters (or via Work> Create shifts in the Operations portal) and select your desired roster.
  2. Click the + symbol (any day) on the required roster, then click Bulk Shift in the top right corner as shown below
  3. Select the bulk shift details including: The individual desired days (or you can also select week days or weekends instead of clicking individual on the days). The start time of the shift. End time of the shift or until required (if end time is flexible).Break time. Roster (will default to the current roster that you're on, or you can select a different roster)
  4. If have any specific requirements you can add these in here:
    • The position 
    • Count (how many people in that position are required)
    • If any allowances apply to the position (optional)
    • Any comments (including if you would like the employee to be able to see these comments).
    • Tag groups are typically used for reporting (select any tags that may be relevant)
    • Click Add requirement.
    • And then Create.
  5. The shifts will then display in red on the roster because people have yet to be assigned to those positions.
    • Click the add person icon under name and select your desired person to fill the position. 
    • You can also search by employees who have the desired position, e.g. 'chef' in the example below

  • You can then click and drag the red shifts to the employee and they will turn white.


Note: Each 'bulk shift' will have the same start/end time. You are able to change the shift times by utilising the edit function if required. 


Use the hover shortcut to view or add in these shift details.

Hover your cursor over the newly created shift and you'll see a short cut to any comments, allowances or warning details (where applicable).

Sort your roster and adjust your roster view

When building the roster the default view is shift view with employees being sorted alphabetically. You can also click on sort by a-z to also show employee reverse alphabetically.

You can also choose to sort your roster by position. This will display positions on the far left column and employee names and shifts under each day.

You can also adjust your roster view to a day view.

This view is useful for:

  • Seeing employee coverage over busy parts of the day.
  • Adjusting employee start and end times for employees in bulk(or adjusting start and end times quickly).

Or you can adjust your roster view to week view

Edit your roster

You can move shifts by dragging and dropping them, or you can copy and paste shifts and edit an existing shift. Or you can delete shifts if needed.

To edit a shift:

  1. Click on the shift and click the Edit icon.
  2. Make your adjustments and click Save.


Copy and paste shifts:

  1. To copy shifts in the roster: Click on the shift you want to copy. Additional icons will appear, click the green copy icon.
  2. Hover the mouse over the days the shift is being copied to and click to  paste shifts.
  3. Click Save once you have selected to all required days to paste the shift/s.

Delete shifts:

You can delete an individual shift click on the shift and then on the delete icon. 

To delete multiple shifts, hold down shift and select the shifts you'd like to delete, then in the bottom left hand pop up select delete shifts. 

Add Roster, Day or Shift comments

There are three different kinds of Roster notes:

  • Roster Note- one note for the entire roster.
  • Roster Day Note- is a note for the entire day on the roster.
  • Shift Comments- is a note for a specific person on a specific shift on the roster.

Roster Notes can be added per roster which will display in your employee rosters and appear on the printed roster.

This is great for a reminder which you'd like everyone on this roster to see when they view their roster receive each week.

To add a roster note:

  1. Click on the comment icon next to the roster name.
  2. Add in the roster note and choose if you would like employees to be able to see the Roster notes by selecting the on for visible to the employee toggle.
  3. Select update note. You'll now see the roster displayed at the bottom of the roster (if you have visibility on).

Roster Day Notes can be added per roster which will display in your employee rosters on the selected day and appear on the printed roster.

This is great for team announcements e.g. today we have a large group coming through- we will be busy. 

To add Day comments:

  1. Navigate to Work > Rosters.
  2. Find your roster and click View Roster.
  3. Click the speech bubble icon on the Day of the specific roster. Use the toggle to switch on, if you would like the note to be visible to employees. If visible employees will see the note on:
    • - The printed roster
    • - The Employee Portal 
    • - Any roster notifications e.g. SMS/Email
  4. Type in your comment and click Add Comment.
  5. The comment icon will now turn orange and be added to the bottom of the roster with the date.
  6. It will also now display when printed and in the employee's portal.
  7. To print, click Tools, Print Roster. 


Please note: If you Copy a Roster to another week you have the option to copy the shifts comments and roster day notes as well onto your next roster. The roster note will also automatically copy as well and you will need to edit/delete it if the note does not apply.


Shift comments to a specific employee on a specific shift can be added per roster which will display in your employee rosters on the selected day and shift.

This is great for team announcements e.g. today we have a large group coming through- we will be busy. 

You have the ability to add a comment to an employee's shift with the option to make it visible to them if they are notified of shifts via SMS.

To add a shift comment:

      1. Navigate to Work > Rosters.
      2. Click View Roster for the relevant roster.
      3. Add a new shift, or edit an existing shift
      4. Click on Comments and and then add in your comment. If you wish for the employee to see the comment check the  'visible to employee' box.
      5. Click Add Comment and Save
      6. When you publish the roster, and choose to Publish & notify, the employee will see the comments in their SMS message/ on their employee app.
      7. Please note when copying shifts, a box will appear asking if you would like to copy the shift comments across as well. 


By pressing the comment icon on any shift, you will be taken straight to the comment section of the shift so you can add, edit or delete comments quickly. (see below)


An employee will easily be able to see comments against their shifts if you have chosen to have the 'visible to employee' toggle on. (see below)


When copying shifts, select whether or not you would like to also copy the shift comments.


Publish roster

When you are ready to publish the roster, click Publish & notify. This will send your employees an email (or SMS if enabled) a notification of their shifts and employee's will be able to see their assigned shifts in their employee app. The shift status will also turn green.

Employee view:

Once published employee's will be able to see their shifts.

The number indicates how many shifts will be published. If you make a change to your roster, you can republish the roster and it will notify only the shifts that you changed.

Additional publishing options:

You also have additional publishing options that are available including:

  • Publish- this option will publish the roster but not notify employees. They will still be able to see the roster on their employee app.
  • Resend notifications- resend notifications to everyone on the roster (or those filtered)
  • Send offers- send offers to those on the roster (or those filtered).


Copy roster to next week (or a specific week) and print

Before copying your roster, its a good idea to double check the week you are copying to, so that you don't accidentally copy a roster over existing shifts. If you do this, the existing shifts wont disappear but you may need to make further changes to your roster.

  1. To copy your roster, select the Tools > Copy roster.
  2. Select if you'd like to copy your roster to next week or  you can choose a specific week in the future.
  3. You can also choose to copy across:
    • - The budget
    • - Shift comments
    • - Day notes
  4. Once you have chosen your selection, select Copy.

Please note: If you Copy a Roster to another week you have the option to copy the shifts comments and roster day notes as well onto your next roster. The roster note will also automatically copy as well and you will need to edit/delete it if the note does not apply.

In the tools menu you'll also find the option to the print the roster if you'd like.

Your shifts will be in draft mode, until you publish your roster.

You're now ready to review any errors and warnings, before publishing and notifying your employees of their shifts

Roster Analytics

There are 2 key places you'll see roster analytics on your roster.

  1. The first place is in the top right of the roster. Where total staff, total hours, Estimated total cost and average cost per hour is displayed (depending on permissions).

  2. And the second is at the bottom of your Roster where you can see:
    • The Staff count for each day,
    • The Total hours rostered for each day,
    • Labour Costs which includes a split of Ordinary and Overtime when expanded.  
    • And Analytics for a graph display of how your business is tracking with respect to your Roster budget set.
      • By setting your roster budget your analytics panel will show how you are tracking.
      • In the example below we can see that 87% of the Cost budget set has been spent.

Looking for more information on Roster Analytics? See our Guide here.

Bulk shifts- Build your roster quickly

You can use bulk shifts to build and publish your roster in one go, this may be useful for:

  • Drafting and publishing large rosters.
  • Offering shifts.
  1. Navigate to Work > Rosters and in the Roster overview select Create Bulk Shifts.
  2.  Select your Client (Operation), Roster, Start and End dates, Day days of the week and start, end times and break duration.

  3. Click the Add Position button.
    1.  Select the position required and how many people are required in this position
    2. You can also select additional criteria such as Tags, Qualifications, Comments (select visible to employee) for the employee to see the comment.
    3. Tip: Ensure to tick to allow employees to accept individual shifts button which would allow employees who are offered shifts to accept an individual shift (rather than select all the shifts offered which may not suit).
  4. Add additional positions as required by selecting Add Position.
  5. To fill the position you can select Find employees.
    • Employee's who have the position assigned and well as meeting any other additional criteria selected will display.
    • Select assign to assign shifts to employees.
    • You can also offer shifts to employees, for more information on offering shifts click here.
  6. Or you can fill the positions later (select Find Employees later).
  7. Select the Create shifts button to create your bulk shifts.

  8. Navigate to the roster to view your shifts, the shifts will appear as published (unless you're awaiting offer outcomes).

Roster Export Report *New*
The Roster export is a helpful Excel file export that you can produce to:
  • Export your roster with shift status filters including: published, unpublished, offered, accepted, assigned or cancelled.
  • Easily conduct checks on shift status' in an easy to read layout. 
  • Provide a summary report for approvals.

To produce a roster export:

  1. Navigate to your roster via Work > Rosters and select your relevant roster.
  2. Use the Filter to select to view multiple rosters at the same time (if needed).
  3. Select the Tools menu > Export Roster, the default shift types will Published, Offered and Unpublished shifts. Select any additional shift types to export such as Cancelled , Offer Declined and Reassigned shifts. And select Export Roster.
  4. A message will appear letting you know that your export is downloading. This may take a minute or so, depending on the number of rosters you have selected.
  5. When the download is a ready it will appear in your notifications speech bubble in the top right of your screen.
  6. Your report is now available to view!
    • You'll be able to see your report formatted in excel grouped by Roster.
    • If you have selected multiple rosters, you'll see a grey line between your rosters in your download.
Roster notifications to employees 
There are notifications which will go out automatically to your employee's that are on by default

These are:

  • When a roster has been published (or republished/updated), a notification informing an employee of their shifts (what their shifts are now).
  • When a shift has been cancelled, a notification informing an employee of their cancelled shift.
  • And sending an offer to an employee from the roster e.g. using 'Send offers'.

If you would like to turn off or customise the message that goes out, this can be located by selecting the hamburger icon > Communication > Communication content and using the search to locate the below templates (either by name or by number).

Assign a shift/ update a shift notification message

  • 100  Shift assign/ update message and/or 101 Shift assign/ updated (no smart phone)- the default template also includes place holders called #shiftcount and #shiftlist/ #shiftlistsms, using these will allow you employee's to see what shifts they have been assigned, updated to work.
    • The below is an example for a platform that sends emails. As the shift has been updated the employee can click on the link to see the shifts.

    • If however the template uses #shiftcount and #shiftlist placeholders then the employee will see their new shifts as per the below email example.

Shift cancellation notification message

  • 154 Shift Cancel Message template and/or 155 Shift Cancel Message template (no smart phone user)
    • The example below is for a platform that uses SMS. The cancellation message that would be received if a shift was cancelled and the person didn't have a smart phone. If the did have a smart phone the shifts that were cancelled will be listed. 


Shift offer notification message  

  • 57 Employee Roster offer template
    • The example below is for a platform that uses SMS. If your platform does not use SMS, an email will be sent instead.

You can also see a history of the communication sent to employees in their employee profile and via the Communication log.

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