Upload and view all employee files and comments

To view all employee file uploads such as licenses, TFN declaration and Documents sent through the document builder (signed by the employee)

1. In the quick menu select People > Approved People or Pending People (depending on the stage the employee is in).

2. Locate the employee using the Search bar and click on their name to go into their profile.

3. Click on Compliance icon from the top menu.

  • Qualifications e.g. RSA and licenses and induction documents are located here.
  • Mandatory Requirements and acknowledgements
    • Is where any terms and conditions or policies that an employee has accepted through on boarding is located.


4. Click on Documents icon from the top menu.

  • Summary of documents uploaded via Employee records.
  • Documents sent via document builder e.g. Employee Agreements


Upload employee documents.

  • You can also upload employee records/documents through Employee Records.

1. You can choose your desired document category e.g. onboarding 


2. Add in the employee record details including:

  • Record type
  • Operation
  • Assign to
  • Follow up date
  • Person documents. Add in your desired attachment here.
  • Add notes


 3. Save. You'll now see the document details listed with the ability to view your uploaded documents.


Make short comments

1. You can also add in short comments on the employee's profile by selecting your desired comment category (these can be customised via platform settings > Set comment types).

2. Add in a comment select + to add. 




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