Adding comments/upload training to employee HR profiles & HR Records

Comments on HR profiles

The Employee's HR profile is a useful central place for electronically storing information and documents about your employees.

Comment types are categories for your comments which will allow you to produce reports for specific comment types.

Importantly notes input into your comment types cannot be viewed by employees. The same goes for documents and comments input into HR Records.

Some examples of what can be uploaded into HR records:

  • Training transcripts and certificates
  • Other documents

Set your comment types

You can set your comment types, this is best practice so that you can pull a report based on your chosen comment type when needed.

To set a comment type:

  1.  Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Set comment types.

  2. You'll then see a list of all your existing comment types. You can edit the comment categories  or delete these (provided no comments are attached).

  3. Select Add new and choose your new comment type for example 'Payroll notes'.
  4. You'll the see the newly added comment type called 'Payroll notes' as an option in the comment drop-down menu.


Add comments to employee HR profiles

To add short comments to an employee's HR profile:

  1. You can also add in short comments on the employee's profile.
  2. Add in a comment select + to add. 
  3. You comment has now been added to the employee's HR profile Comments section.

Add comments and upload a document

You can also upload an employee document as an attachment through Employee's profile > Employee Records icon > Employee records tab.

  1. You can choose your desired document category e.g. onboarding  

  2.  Add in the employee record details including: 
    •  Record type.
    • Operation.
    • Assign to.
    • Follow up date.
    • Person documents. Add in your desired attachment here.
    • Add note.

  3.  Save. You'll now see the document details listed with the ability to view your uploaded documents.

If you're looking for documents uploaded by the employee through the onboarding process, see our helpful guide here.

*NEW* Who can see the comments made by admins?
Only admin users can see comments made on the employee's HR profile- employees cannot see these comments.

Customising admin user permission view comments permissions:

You can also customise your admin user permissions to allow or not allow admin users to view notes made by all admins or only notes made by them through the hamburger icon > Platform Settings > Users > Edit permission group.

When on: Admin user can see all comments:

When off: Admin user can add comments and only see their own comments:

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