Approve Shifts is a centralised view of your employee's rostered shift times, clocked times and approval times. You can edit and approve individual shift details on a daily basis. Approved times are sent to payroll for processing.

To approve shifts:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Time & Attendance and select Approve Shifts.


2. If you wish to find your shifts faster, you can use the filtering options.

  1. Show Results from- will automatically show you the current week.
  2. Employee- filter by a specific employee
  3. Operation- filter by a specific operation or venue.
  4. Roster- filter by a specific roster. This option is helpful if you wish to focus on a particular roster.
  5. Shift Type- filter by shifts created by admins or employees
  6. Show Status- or you can view all the unapproved shifts, unrostered, approved or declined shifts.
  7. Toggle On or Off- if you would like to see rosters without shifts or with shifts.


  • Lock Shifts button- if you're processing payroll and you would like to lock the shifts so that those shifts are not editable.

Or leave blank to show all. Click Apply Filter.

3. You're also able to filter by a specific day by selecting the day dial in the Weekly Summary.

The colours of the dials will change depending on your daily progress for approving daily shifts. 

Approved shifts- green.

Declined shifts- red. For example if someone calls in sick you may decline their shift and enter in a reason such as 'called in sick'.

On leave shifts- purple. This shows where you have approved the employees leave application during this time. If the employee did indeed work this shift instead of being on leave as originally planned, you may like to also review their leave to ensure its accurate.

Unrostered Shifts- yellow. This is when someone might have clocked in but was not rostered such as a replacement for someone who called in sick unexpectedly.

Unapproved Shifts- blue.

Note: That this dial will not move as you progress through the week. For example if its Tuesday the dial will show Monday. Ensure to select Tuesday to approve Tuesday's shifts.

4. You'll also able to select the relevant day that you wish to manage from top of the table. Select the relevant day you wish to manage from the top of the table e.g. Unassigned or Back of house.



For those platforms that use clocking either via the foundU Clock App or via the Employee App, you'll see the clocked in and out times in the Clocked shifts column including helpful clocking icons.


5. Check the shift details. You will see next to each employee, their Rostered times, Clock times (if capturing) and Approve Shift times (what they will be paid on).

6. Click the green tick / Approve Button on the shift you want to approve. The shift will turn green once approved. If the shift has not yet finished (or its in the future), it will change to 'Pre-approved' and will change the Approved at the end of the shift.


7. You can also approve an entire day which will approve all shifts on a specific day for a specific roster. Click Approve Shifts  next to the roster name. It will not overwrite any shifts you have already edited/declined.


8. You can also select specific shifts to Approve in bulk. Click the radio button next to all the shifts you wish to approve. Click Approve Shifts. This action will not overwrite any shifts you have already edited/ declined.


Approve Shifts and Archived People

Once an employee is archived you will be able to see past shift and clocked times in Approved Shifts. This employee's row will be locked from editing preventing you from making any adjustments. 




Approve Shifts and Personal Leave

You can also Manage Leave in Time & Attendance > Approved Shifts (mainly used for personal leave).

You can also apply leave through Approved Shifts for example in the case where you are declining a shift and wanting to add leave. 

If there is already a leave application for the relevant day:

When you select Decline for the Shift you will have the option to Decline the Shift but Approve the Leave.

1. Select Decline for the shift with the leave

2. A review screen will appear where you can choose to apply any relevant leave e.g. personal leave by choosing the tick box for the leave.


What happens if you originally selected Approve instead of Decline? Then the Shift would be approved as well as the leave. And you will need to select the X decline for the shift. This declines the shift and approves the leave.

If there isn't a leave application for the relevant day (for example for personal leave), then you can:

1. Edit the Existing Shift

2. Select the Leave tab and add in Leave including Leave Type, Reason, Leave hours and any desired comments and select Add and Save and Approve.

3. This will then prompt you to review the details. If you selected Save and Approve this will Approve the hours worked and the personal leave. So you will need to decline the work hours in the review and select Accept Changes.



What happens if you originally selected save changes and Declined this shift? Then the Shift would be declined as well as the leave. And you will need to select the tick to apply the leave for the declined shift. This declines the shift and approves the leave.

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