Approve shifts

Approve Shifts is a centralised view of your employee's rostered shift times, clocked times and approval times.

At the end of each day, managers will approve the hours worked by employees. In approve shifts you can edit the times in the approved column to match the exact times worked by employees. Managers can use this page to manage last minute changes and scenarios that may occur on the day. This data once approved will then flow through to pay for payroll processing.

In Approve shifts you have the ability to:

  • Approve time worked to be paid.
  • Decline shifts not to be paid.
  • Edit the times that your employees should be paid for.
  • Add an allowance to an employee's shift.
  • Adjust the break duration of the employee.
  • Apply leave onto the shift.
  • Change the employee's position.
  • Change the roster that the employee worked on.

We will cover these in more detail in the content below.

If you would like to see an overview of all shifts that have been approved or declined for a certain time period in order to double check your shifts before payroll, you can find information on Approve Shifts CSV here. 


Navigating Approve Shifts

Locating Approve shifts and using the filters

To watch how to navigate the key features of Approve Shifts, watch the short video below. There are also more details examples in the text below.

To locate Approve shifts,  navigate to Time & Attendance and select Approve Shifts.


We recommend always filtering your view, this allows the most relevant shifts to load quickly. You have a variety of filtering options.
  • Show Results from- will automatically show you the current week.
  • Employee- filter by a specific employee.
  • Operation Office Code- filter by a specific office code.
  • Operation- filter by a specific operation or venue.
  • Roster- filter by a specific roster. This option is helpful if you wish to focus on a particular roster.
  • Show Status- or you can view all the unapproved shifts, unrostered, approved or declined shifts.
  • Shift Type- filter by shifts created by admins or employees (Submit shifts). 
  • Hide Rosters without shifts- if you would like to remove visibility of rosters without shifts.


  • Lock All Shifts button- if you're processing payroll and you would like to lock the shifts so that those shifts are not editable. Read here to learn more about locking shifts. This is a permission controlled features so managers may not see this button. 

Or you may prefer to leave the filters blank to show all. 

You're also able to filter by a specific day by selecting the day dial in the Weekly Summary.

Reading the daily dials

The colours of the dials will change depending on your daily progress for approving daily shifts.

In order to properly manage your shifts, we encourage:

  • Addressing all shifts daily.
  • To aim for each dial reach to 100% by the end of the day and all dials to 100% for the week ending.

Here is a brief overview of the colours of shifts. These will assist you in understanding the status of these shifts. You can also hover over individual shifts to see the status.

  • Approved shifts- green. The time you approve here will be paid to the employee.
  • Declined shifts- red. A declined shift will not be paid. For example, if someone does not attend work, you may decline their shift and enter in a reason such as 'no show', and the employee will not be paid.
  • On leave shifts- purple. Purple will display when an approver has applied Leave to a shift in approved shifts. For example, if a permanent employee does not attend work due to being sick, and you apply personal leave to the shift. This will then display as purple. * Please note, partial sick leave will display as Green if an employee worked part of the shift before going home.
  • Unrostered Shifts- yellow. This is when someone might have clocked in but was not rostered such as a replacement for someone who called in sick unexpectedly.
  • Unapproved Shifts- blue. These shifts are still awaiting review from an approver or have not yet been worked.
Note: The day will not move as you progress through the week. The Approve shifts page will always auto default to Monday, please select the next day to be able to move onto approving more shifts.


You'll also able to select the relevant day that you wish to manage from top of the table. Select the relevant day you wish to manage from the top of the table e.g. Unassigned or Back of house.


Archived Employees in Approve Shifts

If an employee is archived, you will be able to see past shift and clocked times in Approved Shifts. This employee's row will be locked from editing preventing you from making any adjustments. 



For those platforms that use clocking either via the foundU Clock App or via the Employee App, you'll see the clocked in and out times in the Clocked shifts column including helpful clocking icons.

You will also see clock comments made by an employee, these are generally captured if an employee clocks on too early or too late for a shift and if they clock on when they were not rostered. Seeing these comments can help the Approver decide what times they would like to approve the employee for.

Remember although you cannot adjust the times an employee has clocked for, you can adjust the approved column to adjust the amount of time that the employee will be paid for.


Approving and Bulk Approving shifts

Approving single shifts

By approving a shift, you are indicating that you would like to pay the time in the Approve column.

You can approve single shifts or shifts in bulk once you have reviewed the times. As mentioned before, it is best practice to Approve Shifts at the end of each day.

To approve a single shift:

  1. First review the clocked times, rostered time and then move to the right to review the suggested Approve times for this shift.
  2. Click the green tick / Approve Button on the shift you want to approve. The shift will turn green once approved.

    **If the shift has not yet finished (or it's in the future), it will change to
    'Pre-approved' which will change to 'Approved' at the end of the shift. (see image below). To learn more about Pre-approving shifts in your platform, read here.

Unassigned Shifts

You may have unassigned shifts to manage.

For example, shifts will appear under Unassigned:

  • An employee clocked in that was called in last minute and wasn't on the roster.
  • A roster wasn't published and employee's clock in for shifts.

To Manage unassigned shifts:

  1. Click on the Edit icon to update missing details.
  2. Fill in the Position worked, Roster and Approve the shift as needed. You can also decline using the red cross if need be.


By addressing your unassigned shifts, you are telling your platform what roster and position to pay this employee.

If an employee clocks in and has selected the wrong roster, admins can select the correct roster from the drop down box by editing. 


Bulk approving shifts

You can also approve an entire day which will approve all shifts on a specific day for a specific roster. You can Bulk Approve shifts in 2 methods:

  • Using the 'Approve shifts' button near the roster name.
  • or by selecting multiple shifts using the radio buttons on the far right.

To Approve an entire day using the 'Approve Shifts' button:

  1. Click the large Approve Shifts button next to the roster name. This will select all shifts however, it will not apply to any shifts you have already approved/edited/declined.

  2.  A modal will appear in the middle of your screen confirming if you would like to approve the selected shifts. It will summarise how many shifts have been selected and how many will be approved (see below image).

      Before bulk approving, ensure that you have checked the Approved column details correctly otherwise if the times are incorrect, employees will be paid based on the incorrect data.

To Approve specific shifts in bulk using the radio button:

Using the radio buttons you can approve multiple, decline multiple and adjust the end times of multiple employees in bulk.

  1. Click the radio button next to all the shifts you wish to approve.
  2. Click Approve Shifts. This action will not alter any shifts you have already edited/ declined. You can also use this method to decline multiple shifts or adjust the end times in Bulk.

Adding a shift in Approve Shifts

There will be cases where you may want to add a shift directly into Approve Shifts.

You should only need to do this if:

  • The employee wasn't on the roster
  • The employee didn't clock on

Before you add a shift onto the roster, be sure to check the 'Unassigned section' at the top of the roster Approval sections. As, even if an employee wasn't on the roster, if they clocked in, their time would flow through to unassigned.

To add a shift into Approve shifts:

  1. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the specific roster. If the roster is not available, ensure you have the 'Hide Rosters without Shifts' toggle switched off before applying filters.

  2. Enter all the shift details including shift times, break duration, employee's position and name, as well as any allowances or comments onto the shift that may be necessary.
  3. Select Create Shift (to approve later) or Save & Approve Shift.


You will then see the shift appear with your other shifts and the employee will be paid.


Editing and declining shifts

Editing shift times and applying leave in Approve shifts

To watch how to approve, decline or edit shifts watch the short video below. There are also more details examples in the text below.

If you would like to change the times in your Approve column, you can do so by using the edit button. Use the edit button to:

  • Adjust the start or end approval times.
  • Adjust the break start or duration.
  • Add an allowance to the shift (read more here).
  • Change the employee's position (covered below).
  • Adjust the roster the employee's shift is attributed to.
  • Add a comment onto the shift.
  • Apply leave to the shift.

In the below examples, we will cover some of the more common examples.

Editing the time an employee will be paid and Editing a break duration

If you need to adjust the times an employee is paid for, you can do so using the edit icon.

In the below example, Anna-May Visa was rostered 9:00 am to 5:00pm, but she arrived late at 10:32 and stayed until 5:58 pm. She wasn't scheduled for a break, but we know she had a break from 12:32 pm for 40 minutes. These things will happen, using the edit icon, we will adjust her:

  • Start time to 10:32 am
  • End time to be 5:58 pm 
  • Add in a 40 min break duration starting at 12:32 pm
  • And leave a note (optional) for her, so she knows why we have adjusted her time.

Please note that depending on how clocking is setup in your platform, many of the times in the Approve column may adjust automatically and you may not need to make so many changes.

   When you edit shift times in Approve Shifts, these updated times flow through to Work > Rosters and will change the times on the roster.

The original rostered shift time will remain under Rostered Shift column in Approved Shifts ensuring that you retain a record of the original rostered shift. 

Changing the Employee's position

An employee may attend a shift that they were rostered for and work a different position or higher duties than originally rostered for. 

You will want to amend the employee's position so that they are paid the correct level under the award. To do so:

  1. Select the edit icon next to the shift.
  2. Choose the new position from the drop-down box.
  3. You may like to add a comment to the shift for your notes (xxx worked as a chef today instead as Sioux chef).

In the below example, Dan was originally rostered as a Sioux Chef for the day, however, he actually performed the role of a chef, so we have adjusted his position to ensure he gets paid the right level under the Award.


Editing a shift and applying leave

If an Employee does not attend work due to being sick, you have the ability to apply personal leave to this shift using the edit icon. You may want to read our detailed guide here. Here is a basic example.

In this example, Gemma was rostered 9:00 am to 5:00 pm but has called in sick and we need to apply personal leave to her shift as she is a permanent employee.


To apply sick leave in Approve shifts:

  1. Select the edit icon against the appropriate shift.
  2. Click the Leave tab.
  3. Select the Leave Type. Once this is selected, the employee's balance (shown below in green) will load under the Leave Amount box.
  4. Then add in the Reason code, Leave Amount, and a Comment of why you are applying the leave.
  5. Click Add.

  6. In the review screen, you will be asked to reconfirm the amount of hours worked and the amount of hours leave should be applied. You can make edits here if required.

    By the selections below, we are indicating that Gemma should not be paid 8 hours of normal work, but instead be paid 8 hours of personal leave.

  7. Once you have reviewed, Accept changes.
  8. The shift will then turn purple if leave has been applied to the entire shift, or green if leave was applied to only a portion of the shift as the employee left early and went home sick.
  9. You will see a leave icon in the additional column indicating Leave has been applied.


Adding an allowance in Approve shifts

If you need to add an Allowance in Approve Shifts you can do this easily by using the edit icon.

  1. Select the edit icon.
  2. Select the Allowances Tab.
  3. From the drop down choose the New Allowance> and assign the Quantity.
  4. To finish select Add allowance.

  5. In the review screen, select the green ticks for all items you would like to approve, please note this can be hours worked and the allowance.

  6. To check the allowance has been applied properly, you will see and allowance icon (coin in had) under the 'Additional column' on the shift. (see below).
    This allowance will now be paid with the hours worked. 

Please note you cannot add a allowance to a Shift that has been paid. If you have this scenario, please reach out to your payroll team as they will manually be able to add the allowance to a future payslip. The same goes for any other changes that you may need to make to a shift that has been Paid and is therefore uneditable.


Declining shifts 

There will be occurrences where shifts flow through to Approve shifts that you do not wish to be paid. Examples of this will be:

  • An employee doesn't attend work for the day.
  • A casual employee calls in sick and does not work (no personal leave).
  • An employee does not work a shift because someone covers for them.
  • A shift is published that was never used (no one works it).

In all of the above instances, you will want to decline the shift so that the hours will not be paid.

To Decline a shift:

  1. Select the 'x' icon.

  2. In the review screen, select the Reason for declining, and add a comment providing more explanation. These reasons and comments will be available to report on from your Performance and Attendance Report.

  3. Press Accept Changes. The shift will now appear in red on your screen. You can select the 'reason icon' under the Additional column to review the reason and comment. 

You can also view the person who declined the shift and the date it was declined under the wording 'shift declined'. (see above).

Approve shifts tools

Approve Shifts Import

The Shift Approvals Import allows you to view a report of the shifts for approval, make changes and import the report back in and Approve the shifts by updating the Shift Status in the report.

  • The Shift Import is easy to export and send to different managers and teams to make changes and Approve.
  • It can also be sent directly to Clients for shift Approvals. For example, if you work in Labour hire and do not wish to add your clients as users in the foundU system, this report can be used for your clients to Approve the Shifts worked (you'll need to import the report once they have emailed the changes back).

Watch the short video below or if you prefer more detail, please read this guide.

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch and follow along for helpful tips on importing Shift Approvals.

Approve Shifts CSV Export

Using the Approved shifts CSV export is a great way to check that all of your shifts have been approved and are ready for payroll. You will also be able to export other valuable information.

Some examples of this useful export are to:

  • Export all unapproved shifts to send to your managers/supervisors.
  • Run a report to compare rostered hours, clocked hours & approved hours (see also Roster Summary Report).
  • Run final checks before payroll.
  • See which manager approved or declined a particular shift. 

To see how this Export works, please watch the short video below, or you can read our more detailed article. 

Once you have a combination of export options that you like to use, it's a good idea to save them for future use.

To do this:

  1. Under Export Options > Select Additional Options >  Name your export description > then Save.
  2. You'll find all of your saved search preferences under 'Load saved Export options'.



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