If you manage clients, you have the ability to create rates book templates which will then allow the rates listed to be applied to relevant operations rates books.

To add a new rates book template:

1. Go to the full menu (hamburger icon)

2. Click Awards & Agreements, Rates Book Templates



3. Click on Add Rates Book.

4. Provide a Name for the template.

5. Click the Position drop down and then select each of the positions to add once at a time.

6. Once positions are added you can then enter the pay (and charge) rates to the positions. You can also click Auto Calculation to automate the rates.

7. Once all position details are completed, click Save at the bottom. 


You can now apply this rates book template to any operation rates book:

1. Go to Operations, Approved Operations.

2. Find the operation (client) name to go to the profile.

3. Click Card, Rates Book.

4. Click Edit.

5. Select the Rates Book Template from the drop down to apply. This will add all the positions and rates as per the template which you can still edit if needed.






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