View timesheets (submitted shifts) that are attached to invoices

View a timesheet attached to an invoice when an employee uses Submit Shifts.

When an employee submits a shift through their Employee App, and they upload an attachment such as a image of their paper timesheet, then that document is also attached to their relevant invoices.

Please note: If a employee does not add the attachment of their paper timesheet, then you will not see this occur.

This functionality allows you to simply link an attachment in Invoicing only, when uploaded by a candidate. For example for those Labour hire companies who may have clients who continue to use paper timesheets (foundU software does not read any data on that uploaded images), it takes the data from Approve shifts when sending data to pay for processing.

You can view them easily by following the below instructions.

foundU uses digital timesheets (hours approved in Approved shifts) as the data that flows through to pay:

Labour hire companies using foundU manage timesheets digitally through Approve shifts. The data that is approved in Approve shifts forms the hours (the digital timesheet) which flows through to pay for processing.

Warning: When an employee uploads a attachment of a timesheet through Submit shifts , this document will only show these documents attached to invoices in foundU. 

This attachment functionality will not show on any other parts of the foundU system (Pay page etc) because foundU uses digital timesheets.



Viewing the timesheets attached to a relevant invoice

You may want to view timesheets that are attached to a particular invoice.

To view:

  1. Navigate to the  Operation profile.
  2. Under the Business tab, scroll down and open Invoices. A list of all the invoices will now be listed with the most recent at the top.
  3. On the right hand side, select the reference number in blue, this open the invoice and you are able to view all of the hours against that invoice.
  4. If employees uploaded a physical timesheet for example when submitting their shift, that image will display.

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