There are two ways that you can add contacts in your foundu CRM:

1. Through the full menu>CRM and selecting either Prospects or Contacts

2. In the operation profile, by selecting the CRM icon.

Both methods will be covered below:

You're able to add a contact/s to your Platform using full menu> CRM by:

  1. Navigating to the hamburger icon in the quick menu to open the full menu and selecting CRM > Prospects or Contacts.
  2. Select Add Contacts
  3. Fill in the contact details including
    • Name
    • Email
    • Contact number (land line and mobile)
    • Position
    • Description
    • Assign to an Operation.
    • Can receive comms- switch toggle to on if you will be sending communications to this contact through email templates. For example you may have the IT manager listed as a contact and they will receive admin email notifications when a new starter commences employment to set up their laptops.
  4. Click Add Contact to save.


You're able to add a contact/s to your Platform through your operations CRM icon:

1. Navigate to your desired operation via Approved Operation> select Operation

2. In the operation profile select the CRM icon, select Add CRM to add in a note and save.

Click on the column headers to sort by ascending or descending input or follow up date.


There is also an option to Import Bulk Contacts via CSV file.

This will allow you to:

  • add bulk contact details at one time.
  • utilise the CRM function of the platform more fully by having contacts readily available.
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