Leave Liability & Leave Paid Report

Reporting on your employee's leave 

You're able to use the leave liability and leave paid reports to review your employee's leave.

These reports can be used for:

  • Annual leave report
  • Personal leave report
  • Viewing your employee's leave as at a specific date (including a future date).
  • You can use the columns to sort the leave values (or amounts) as well as.
  • Reviewing the leave paid to your employees.
Leave liability report

The Leave Liability report will display leave entitlements in hours and dollar value.

This report allows you to:

  • View leave liability balances as of today's date
  • View leave liability balances as at a retrospective date
  • Project future leave liability 

To generate the Leave Liability report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Financial, which will open the Financial Report Centre. In the Accruals & Liabilities section, select the Leave Liability report. 
  2. The duration is set as specific date as default.
  3. Use Specify Date drop down box to select your desired date. See the below for guidelines.
    • Retrospective - Leave liabilities will be reported as at the date the pay cycle was processed
    • Current - Leave liabilities will be reported as at the date the pay cycle was processed.
    • Prospective - Allows you to enter a future date for the purposes of forecasting leave liability
  4. Use Group by to select how you would like to have the data grouped - options include employee ID, operation ID, office code, cost code and leave type. The report allows multiple groupings to be applied each time the report is generated.
    • There are also optional Filters which you can use. An example is leave types where you can filter the results by the type of leave
  5. Select any additional reporting options (where required):
    • Exclude nil value balances - Does not display zero value leave balances.
    • Include approved leave - Considers leave applications from the last period end date to the projected future date.
    • Use retrospective rate - Calculates the liability based on the pay rate applicable as at the specified date (retrospective only).This only applies to the base amount, loading will always be generated based on the current loading rate.


  6. Select your preferred download format e.g. Export CSV, Export PDF or click Submit to generate the report to view the data first. Select 'Exclude totals in Export' to remove the total amounts in the export file.

The report will detail the following information based on the Employee ID Group by option:

  • Employee: Employee’s name and ID number.
  • Leave Type: The type of leave e.g. Annual Leave, Long Service Leave.
  • Hours: The total available hours including approved leave hours. Where a future date is specified, the employees work pattern will used to determine the predictive leave accruals.
  • Approved Hours: Future dated approved leave hours. Only displayed where a prospective date is specified and ‘Include approved leave’ is selected.
  • Projected hours: remaining value of hours minus Approved Hours. Only appears if 'include approved leave' is selected.
  • Amount: The monetary value calculated based on the employee’s current base pay rate. If ‘Use retrospective rate’ is selected, the pay rate applicable at the specified date will be used to calculate the base liability. If ‘Include approved leave’ is selected, the Hours less the Approved Hours will be the balance used to determine the liability amount.
  • Loading: The monetary value of the loading calculated where applicable.
  • Total: Combines the Amount and Loading values to display the total liability.

Use search to find accruals for a particular employee.



  • Only leave types selected as ‘Reportable Leave Liability' will be considered in this
  • Forecasting liabilities will calculate leave accruals on an hourly basis from the
    employees work pattern.
  • 'Include approved leave’ (forecast only) will only display on a week ending basis i.e.
    leave applications up to the last Sunday prior to the specified date will be included.
  • Currently, TOIL and RDO’s are not available to be considered in this report.
  • Please note that for casual long services (LSL) leave, the leave displayed in this report will only be for the primary position.
Leave paid report

The Leave Paid report allows you to:

  • View leave paid once payroll has been processed.

Examples of use:

  • Useful report to double check that leave has been paid correctly when the pay run has been processed.
  • This report has the same Duration, Grouping and filter options as the Leave Liability report plus the optional ability to add more than more grouping using the Add Grouping button.

To generate the Leave Paid Report:

  1. To generate the Leave Paid report navigate to Report > Financial> Accruals & Liabilities section and select Leave Paid.
  2. Select your desired Duration and how you would like to group your data (columns) for example:
    • Group by Employee ID, Month, Payslips, Purchase Order (Roster), Office Code, Operation, and Leave Type is shown below.
  3. Select any additional Filters that you would like e.g. employees, operation, office codes, leave types and whether you would like to show the data on a cash basis or hide total columns in the export.

An example of using multiple Groupings by Leave Type, Month and Employee Id is provided below.

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