Approving a Timesheet with a leave request

There may be a situation where you have a Permanent (full time or part time) employee submit a timesheet and they also take leave during that time for example they call in sick.

Or you may have accepted a timesheet already and you realise you haven't assigned leave for a day where the employee was away you can adjust retrospectively.

To approve a timesheet with a leave request:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Time & Attendance > Timesheets and use the filters to search for your desired Date range or employee.

2. Using the submitted status drop down box select edit, and view the timesheet. Enter in the details for Leave (e.g. number of hours being used) depending on the type (Annual Leave, Personal Leave, LWOP, Redeem TOIL) and choose did not work checkbox (for a specific shift if the employee didn't work that shift).

Note you can also accept the submitted time sheet and then edit the timesheet (for example if you're approving leave retrospectively).

3. Then accept the submitted timesheet either using the tick box or use the drop down menu and select Accept.




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