Setting up automatic payments for Salaried staff

Automatic payments are used for permanent salaried employees with regular working hours (rather than Casual staff who are paid based on hours worked).

Automatic payment means the employee can either be placed on a shift/roster (or not), and hours worked do not need to be approved through Approve Shifts.

  • This means that when automatic payment (Salaried) setting is on, the Salaried employee's hours will not appear in Approve Shifts.
  • Instead a paycycle is automatically created for them each pay period based on their salary - ready to be processed by payroll.


This is applied when onboarding new staff.

Automatic payment is selected when in Work pattern you select the Salaried option. This uses the employees Work Pattern to automatically submit timesheets on their behalf. Please note if you're using timesheets, these timesheets are still required to be accepted in case amendments are required.

To enable automatic payment for salaried employee:

  1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Approved/ or Pending People. Locate the desired employee and click on their name to go into their Employee profile.
  2. Once in the users profile in admin select the Employee Card icon. Make sure they are set to full-time or part-time.
  3. In the Work Pattern tab,  use the toggle to enabled the Salaried option and update the standard weekly work hours - used to manage leave. e.g. 38 hr work week = 7.6 hrs per day Mon-Fri. 
  4. Click Save when complete.
Note: If you update this after generating your payslips, you will need to re-generate them for the change to apply



The Employee will be paid once pay is processed by Payroll as per the position details you have entered under their Employment Type.

If you would like to roster your salaried staff and have autopay used those rostered hours  when creating timesheets

  • In your platform settings> system settings ensure that the option 'Per/PT-time Use Work Pattern Over Rostered Times ' is switched off (and save).


If you choose not to have automatic payments for your salaried staff:

  • Then for your permanent staff you will need to roster AND approve their hours each paycycle.




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