Automated Approvals for Salaried staff

Salaried option

The Salaried automation option automatically approves the hours worked for Salaried employees based on the employee's work pattern (most commonly used).

  • You also have additional position settings if your business chooses not to use Work Pattern.

The salaried option is used for permanent salaried employees with regular working hours (rather than casual staff who are paid based on hours worked).

When the Salaried option is on, this means that the employee can either be placed on a shift/roster (or not), and hours worked do not need to be approved through Approve Shifts.

  • When the automatic payment (Salaried) setting is on, the Salaried employee's hours will not appear in Approve Shifts.
  • Instead a paycycle is automatically created for them each pay period based on their salary - ready to be processed by payroll.
  • Switching to salaried midweek? Add this in or edit the payslip manually. Please note that if your paycycle has already been created, this payment will appear in the next paycycle or require regeneration if you have only just turned on the salaried toggle


To enable the Salaried option (automatic approval) for a salaried employee

The salaried option is typically applied when onboarding a new staff member. We will also cover the process of changing a position to Salaried below. The Salaried option is applied in the Work pattern step of setting up an employee's position.

This function uses the employees Work Pattern to automatically submit timesheets on their behalf.

  • Please note if you're using timesheets, these timesheets are still required to be accepted in case amendments are required.

To enable the salaried option for a salaried employee.

  1. In the quick menu navigate to People > Approved/ or Pending People. Locate the desired employee and click on their name to go into their Employee profile.
  2. Once in the users profile in admin select the Employee Card icon. Make sure they are set to full-time or part-time.
  3. In the Work Pattern tab, use the toggle to enabled the Salaried option and update the standard weekly work hours - used to manage leave. e.g. 38 hr work week = 7.6 hrs per day Mon-Fri. 
  4. Click Save when complete.

Note: If you update this after generating your payslips, you will need to re-generate them for the change to apply.

The Employee will be paid once pay is processed by Payroll as per the position details you have entered under their Employment Type.

Changing an employee to Salaried by editing an existing position

If you would like to change one of your employees to Salaried (automatic approval), you can do so using the Position edit icon.

When making changes, your platform will automatically create a new position when you edit a position and choose a new position from the drop down. Tip: You can also type the name of a position to find it quickly.

To edit a position and turn it to Salaried:

  1. Select the edit pencil next to the position.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Position details screen and press Continue.
  3. Turn on the Salaried toggle and select Continue.
  4. If there are any issues to review such as future rostered shifts, these will pop up in the review step.
  5. Your platform will create a new position for you and the old position will move to the Employment history tab.

For more information on changing or editing a permanent employee's position refer to this article.

You can also review position changes of your employees through the Position Change Report.

Combining the salaried option with the ability to roster your salaried staff

There will be cases where you want to roster your salaried staff.

For example, they are paid the same 38 hours/week (salaried option) however their shifts fluctuate across different times and days. This is often the case with managers.

You will need to determine if you would like your platform to pay based on:

  • hours from work pattern
  • rostered hours
Your platform has a simple system setting that will determine this.


Option 1: If you would like to roster your salaried staff and use those rostered hours when creating timesheets (flowing through to Pay).

To action this:

  • In your Platform Settings > System Settings ensure that the option 'Permanent/PT-time Use Work Pattern Over Rostered Times ' is switched OFF.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and Save.

Option 2: If you would like to roster your salaried staff and use the work pattern in their position when creating timesheets (flowing through to Pay).

To action this:

  • In your Platform Settings > System Settings ensure that the option 'Permanent/PT-time Use Work Pattern Over Rostered Times ' is switched ON.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and Save.

Combining the salaried option with requiring an employee to submit a timesheet

If your business has the scenario where:

  • You are utilising the salaried option to automatically approve the hours
  • If however your business instead of using the work pattern, would prefer to use the hours submitted by your employees:

You'll need to enable 2 additional settings:

    1. The platform setting for using the rostered hours over work pattern (e.g. Perm/PT time use Work Pattern over rostered times selected as off).
      • Please note this applies to your full foundU platform.

    2. In the employee card you also need to have selected Employee must submit a timesheet.

Can you have Salaried Option On and use Submit Shifts and Submit Weekly Timesheet?

No, you cannot have this combination.

The combination of Salaried option and submit shifts (and weekly timesheet) is not possible because the Salaried option automates the approval process hence the data flowing through to pay directly.

  • Because of this reason if no one is reviewing the Approved shifts (as its bypassed) if it were possible to upload a weekly timesheet, no one would ever see this timesheet as its bypassed by the automation. Hence this combination is not possible.

If your business has the scenario where you have your employees submit their shifts and you would also like employees to upload a Weekly Timesheet (Physical timesheet) and they are casual or full time staff (i.e. not salaried) then this is possible.

Leaving the Salaried option off or turning off the Salaried toggle

If you choose not to have automatic payments for your salaried staff:

  • Then for your permanent staff you will need to Roster AND Approve their hours each paycycle.


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