Approve leave application

You're able to manage leave applications in the admin portal including:

Time & Attendance > Leave (mainly used for Annual Leave)

This is the Main section where leave is managed.

  • View pending leave applications
  • Approve sick leave or annual leave or other types of leave
  • Decline leave applications
  • Edit leave applications
  • View processed leave applications
  • Submit a leave application on behalf of an employee

Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts (mainly used for personal leave) you can also add leave when declining shifts.

This is used for adding sick leave to an employees shift.

  • You can see which shifts may have an existing leave application
  • Approve leave applications for a shift
  • Decline a leave application for a shift
  • Edit a shift to include leave (e.g. personal leave).

To manage leave in the admin portal through Time & Attendance > Leave.

1. In the quick menu, navigate to Time & Attendance > Leave.

2. Leave applications are broken down into: Pending, Approved, Declined, Processed, Deleted.

You can search for leave via Date Range, Operation and/or Employee using the Filter drop downs. Or leave blank to view all.

3. This will show first show all 'Pending' leave applications needing to be processed. Click the green tick to Approve Application, the red cross to Decline Application. The employee will receive a notification of the leave application status. 

Approved leave will move into Approved, and automatically apply to the employee's relevant paycycle.

You can click the Edit icon to make any changes to the application.


4. Processed leave applications will move into the relevant tabs: Approved, Declined, Processed (Paid), Deleted. You can export leave applications using the Export PDF button.

You can also Manage Leave in Time & Attendance > Approved Shifts

You can also apply leave through Approved Shifts for example in the case where you are declining a shift and wanting to add leave. 

If there is already a leave application for the relevant day:

When you select Decline for the Shift you will have the option to Decline the Shift but Approve the Leave.

1. Select Decline for the shift with the leave

2. A review screen will appear where you can choose to apply any relevant leave e.g. personal leave by choosing the tick box for the leave.


What happens if you originally selected Approve instead of Decline? Then the Shift would be approved as well as the leave. And you will need to select the X decline for the shift. This declines the shift and approves the leave.

If there isn't a leave application for the relevant day (for example for personal leave), then you can:

1. Edit the Existing Shift

2. Select the Leave tab and add in Leave including Leave Type, Reason, Leave hours and any desired comments and select Add and Save and Approve.

3. This will then prompt you to review the details. If you selected Save and Approve this will Approve the hours worked and the personal leave. So you will need to decline the work hours in the review and select Accept Changes.



What happens if you originally selected save changes and Declined this shift? Then the Shift would be declined as well as the leave. And you will need to select the tick to apply the leave for the declined shift. This declines the shift and approves the leave.

 Who can approve?

Administrators are always responsible for approving leave requested in advance. Operations can be authorised to approve as an extra measure.


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