You need to specify pay rules for each position you add under the award or agreement (Awards & Agreements > View Awards & Agreements > Positions & Pay Rules). Click on the position then click Edit to begin.

Add Time Frames

Time Frames determine how Employees should be paid for ordinary hours (that is, hours that superannuation should be applied to). Add a Time Frame for each position in the following sections: Weekday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.

  1. Click + add Time Frame.
  2. Hours Worked Between - select the span of ordinary hours. Enter 12am-12am if the award/agreement does not provide one.
  3. Shift Label - enter a label (if applicable). This is usually only necessary where shift allowances apply.
  4. Click + add Ordinary Hours and select a pay rate - the rate will usually be Normal (Ordinary) on a weekday.
  5. Minimum Hours - enter the minimum shift length. 

Remember! Overtime rates will be applied to all hours outside of the Time Frames you enter.

Add Overtime rules

  1. Select an overtime rate (beneath After).
  2. Click + add Overtime if the overtime rate changes - e.g. if time and a half applies for the first two hours of overtime then double time thereafter you should enter: 
  • Up to hour - 10 (if the maximum daily ordinary hours are 8)
  • Rate - Time and a Half 
  • After - Double

You will also need to enter overtime rules for hours worked outside the maximum ordinary hours per week.

Remember! The system automatically diverts to overtime rates after the maximum daily (or weekly) ordinary hours are exceeded so you do not need to enter these limits again.

Add Meal Allowances

Mandatory meal allowances can be entered as pay rules in each applicable section.

  1. Hours - enter the number of hours required for the allowance to apply. 
  2. Type - specify whether these hours are in 'Total' or 'Overtime' hours only. Selecting 'Total' is recommended because selecting 'Overtime' will count all overtime hours, even those that are under the maximum daily limit.
  3. Pay - enter the amount paid to the Employee.
  4. Charge - enter the amount the Client/Location will be charged for the allowance (if applicable).
  5. Click + add Meal Allowance to add another meal allowance rule.

Don't forget to Save!

Pay rules can be copied and pasted to other positions if they apply consistently under the award/agreement.

View the guide for step by step instructions on:

  • Copying a position
  • Adding new position to position groups
  • Adding new position to operation rates books

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