How do I add shift allowances to pay rules?

Shift Allowances

Hourly shift allowances can be applied to specific times frames, within specific positions - found within the Position and Pay rules.


To apply a shift allowance to a specific timeframe:

  1. Open the hamburger menu > awards & agreements > click the specific award name >  Select position and pay rules.
  2. Find the position you wish to add a shift allowance to. 
  3. Click on the small arrow to the left of the position name to open the position. Click the edit icon
  4. Navigate to show/hide shift allowances found under the shift label, within the desired timeframe and click on it. The following additional inputs shown in the screenshot below will than appear:

Shift Allowance ($): -Is the total payable amount for the shift allowance.
Allowance Label: -  Allows you to specify a name for the allowance (e.g Night Shift Allowance).
Charge Allowance: - Allows you to apply a charge out value for the allowance (For invoicing scenario).


Once these have been filled in you must then move onto the Rules associated with the shift allowance. The following screenshot shows the modal which contains rules which must be set for EACH shift allowance.


You can determine if the allowance is taxable, how it is displayed on a PAYG Summary, whether or not superannuation is applied and finally which on cost variables might apply to the allowance for reporting purposes.


Once you have completed these steps you can then save the shift allowance against the timeframe. Please remember that you will need to apply these rules to each particular timeframe along with any overtime rules found within the timeframe. As per the screen shot below, in any single timeframe there can be up to three places where these rules must be updated if required:


Once you have applied all necessary shift allowances, remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the Position & Pay Rules page. To double check the shift allowances have been applied correctly, simply click on the drop down arrow for a quick view of the positions rules and you will now be able to see the shift allowance rules that you have applied (as per the screen shot below):




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