Override award/agreement pay rates

Override Award/Agreement pay rates

You are able to override pay rates in an Award or Agreement for example when:

  • You would like to pay more on a certain rate than what is in the Award.
  • When a overtime or penalty rate does not have a standard multiplier.

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Overriding the pay rates in your Operation
  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Awards & Agreements.
  2. In your relevant Award or Agreement, navigate to Positions & Pay rules and locate the position that you'd like to override for.

  3. Select the relevant position then click Edit.

  4. Click on the Override Calc. Rates link.

  5. Enter the new rate near the relevant rate label and charge rates. And click Apply.
  6. You can also apply the override rates to existing clients by ticking the existing clients tick box.

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