Using the Tag feature you're able to add certain fields to an employees profile which you are then able to use for reporting and/ or filtering purposes.

A few common scenarios include:

  • Skills- examples with specific skill such as in Hospitality- Coffee Art or Barista, or in an Office- Excel skills etc.
  • Equipment- examples may high viability vest and boots or laptop etc.

To add a Tag:

  1. in the quick menu navigate to People > Approved People.
  2. Locate your desired employee from the list or using the search field.
  3. Click on their name to go into their profile.
  4. Select the Compliance icon.
  5. Open the Tags section.
  6. Then click Edit. Here you can assign a tag group and tag to the employee.
  7. Use to add multiple tags and when complete Click Update


 To update an existing Tag:

1. Select Current Tag and click on Update and then Edit the tag.

2. Use to add multiple tags and when complete Click Update


To search for employees according to tags that are applied to their profile:

  • Tags are commonly used for reporting purposes.

1. In the quick menu select People > Approved People.

2. Click Show Filter.

3. Select the relevant Tag Group.

4. Select the Tags.

5. Click Filter.

Results will appear below. 


Bulk assign to multiple employees

You can also use Bulk Actions to assign a Tag to multiple employees with an attribute e.g. new employees who have a hard hat as an example.

 In the quick menu select People then click Approved People (or pending if you'd like).

  1. Select the desired employees or use the search box to filter and select the checkbox next to the employees name
  2. Select Bulk actions and choose Assign Tags to Selected
  3. Then choose the relevant Tags for example, marking which employees have equipment such as a hard hat which will then be assigned to all the select employees.


You can also use Bulk Actions to send an SMS or email to the filtered employees. 

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