Edit a payslip (includes overpayment or underpayment)

After a payslip has been processed, there may be an event where an adjustment needs to be made due to:

To make the adjustment you will need to edit the payslip which will reprocess the paycycle - depending on the adjustment made, a deduction may need to be applied. Once the changes are reprocessed, a new ABA file will be generated.

To edit a payslip that has already been processed: 

  1. In the quick menu navigate to Payroll > Pay.
  2. Select the Payslips tab (to view the processed pays) and select the period ending date, and any other filters to locate the desired payslip.
  3. Locate the relevant payslip and click Action > Edit.
    • Edit_payslip_action.png
  4. a) Edit the payslip as required (Add / remove hours, redeem leave/ add pay items etc)

You can also redeem leave, typically there are three options:

  • Redeem  (see example below) used for redeeming leave used e.g. annual leave/sick leave. And can also be used for partial cash out of leave (where required).
  • Cash Out All (cash out all entitlements not for a termination).
  • Termination Used for terminations/ cash out entitlements.

You can also assign Cost Codes.

Note: Your Cost codes are pulled in from your foundU Platform and may differ depending on your set up.


Edit_payslip_options.png4. b) Edit the payslip as required (Add Deduction, Add Reimbursement, Any Before Tax Contributions, Adjust Entitlement Accruals)

deduction_reimburse_buttons.png5. Click Calculate Totals to recalculate the total payslip amount, tax and super.

6. If you would to override the tax or super amounts, you will need to select the toggle on for Tax Override

7. Preview payslip if needed, click Update Payslip.


8. A confirmation box will then appear to enter in a reason for the edit. This then is kept as part of the version history for the payslips.




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