Administrators or Operations can be primarily responsible for accepting weekly timesheets - it depends on the arrangement. Administrators can accept timesheets on behalf of Operations if the need arises.

1. Navigate to Time & Attendance, Timesheets.


2. Use the Date filters to enter the date range for the timesheets you wish to view.

3. You can use the Timesheet Status filter to only view timesheets that are:

  • Submitted (Pending Approval) = Employee has submitted timehsheets ready for approval.
  • Ready to Submit = Employee has not yet submitted their timesheet (you can do on their behalf if required).

Or you can leave filters blank to view all timesheets at any status.

4. Apply any Operation or Office Code filters if required, or leave blank to view all. 

5. Click Find Timesheets.



To submit a timesheet on behalf of an employee:

1. Click the submit icon next to Ready to Submit against the relevant employee (use the Search bar to find the employee if needed).


2. Enter the shift times for each day of the week (use Copy or Add Shift to create shifts for other days) and click Submit Timesheet.


3. This will display on overview of the entire timesheet. If all looks good, click OK.


The timesheet will now appear as Submitted ready for approval.


To approve a submitted timesheet:

1. You can first review the timesheet data by clicking the Timesheet ID. You can Edit Timesheet here if needed, or click Close if you are ready to approve.



2. Click the tick button next to Submitted to approve the timesheet. This data will now flow through to payroll ready for processing.


The timesheet will now change to Accepted (Ready to pay).





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